Bubble and Squeak Eat

Quick and easy 15 mins pasta


Pasta (1 pack feeds 2-3 adults)

Philly Cheese

Stock cube

Salt, Pepper 

Stock cube (optional)

Onion chopped 

Vegetables chopped

Grated cheese

Salt, Pepper


1) Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan

2) Add cut up onions, vegetables, stock cube (optional) and cook for 3-5 mins until the onions and the vegetables are cooked

2) Add 2 spoonfuls of the philly and grated cheese and mix together

3) Cook for 5 mins

4) Add salt and pepper

5) Cook pasta as to packet instructions in a pan of boiling water and drain

6) Add pasta to your sauce and mix together


Some notes on your quantities and ingredients: inside your box you will find the exact amount you will need to cook this recipe.  Feel free to add any extra vegetables to boost your veggie count

We hope you liked this recipe. Feel free to send us your pictures of your creations to bubblesqueakeat@gmail.com – we love to see them!



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