Bubble and Squeak Eat


Surplus Food Stall

How we started

In early 2017 a group of children from Old Oak Primary School were learning all about food waste with their teacher Lydia.  

Facts such as, 

  • 15 million tonnes of food is being wasted per YEAR in the UK
  • 44% of all bread produced in the UK is wasted 
  • Over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste.

We all agreed we had to do something about it so Bubble & Squeak was born! We got in touch with our surplus food partners City Harvest and later on the Felix Project. They have supported us throughout our journey by providing twice-weekly food donations for our surplus food stall run by the children  

The stall is run by our Bubble & Squeak children who sell the produce on a ‘pay as you feel basis’.  They learn all aspects of managing the stall and effectively running their own enterprise by opening up the stall to the local community every week.

Developing the next generation of socially conscious entrepreneurs turning problems into opportunity.  

Covid-19 Response 2020

Covid-19 Response 2020
Since the beginning of lockdown Bubble & Squeak has been working closely with Old Oak Primary School and Old Oak Community Centre to provide emergency food parcels to families in need.  

Our crowdfunded shipping container would normally be used to run our surplus food stall. This has been the hub of our delivery service as well as the phenomenal response of our surplus food partners City Harvest and Felix Project who have double the amount of food supplied to us during this time.   

Our distribution networks have also enabled us to engage in socially distanced contact with families and to join forces with other organisations to deliver further support.  Such as art packs for children, time for tea gift bags for the elderly, and brand new trainers for local volunteers.