Online Press

CROWDFUNDER ONLINE, Success stories - Bubble & Squeak  August 2017

LBHF ONLINE, Future-thinking youngsters lead fight against food waste in H&F, 20 April 2017

TOOTING DAILY PRESS, Eight Young Social Entrepreneurs Are Crowdfunding Thanks To Tooting Support, 17 April 2017

TIME OUT TWITTER / FACEBOOK, 'A group of primary school kids from Acton are working together to fight food waste 👊' /  12 April 2017

SCIENCE SQUARED, 'Share that lettuce! Projects to avoid food waste go global' 16 February 2017

In Print

Wildlife Watch - Issue 83 Autumn 2017, 'Food Waste Warriors' p. 2  

Wildlife watch, Issue 83 Autumn 2017 p1.PNG

In the Old Oak Community

Your Old Oak Annual Review 

Your Old Oak Annual Review