Online Press

CROWDFUNDER ONLINE 'Our community is tackling and improving sustainability throughout the UK' 23 October 2017

BLACK BALLAD 'Meet Three Black Women Tackling The Food Poverty Crisis In The UK' October 2017

CROWDFUNDER ONLINE, Success stories - Bubble & Squeak  August 2017

LBHF ONLINE, Future-thinking youngsters lead fight against food waste in H&F, 20 April 2017

TOOTING DAILY PRESS, Eight Young Social Entrepreneurs Are Crowdfunding Thanks To Tooting Support, 17 April 2017

TIME OUT TWITTER / FACEBOOK, 'A group of primary school kids from Acton are working together to fight food waste 👊' /  12 April 2017

SCIENCE SQUARED, 'Share that lettuce! Projects to avoid food waste go global' 16 February 2017

In Print

Wildlife Watch - Issue 83 Autumn 2017, 'Food Waste Warriors' p. 2  

Wildlife watch, Issue 83 Autumn 2017 p1.PNG

In the Old Oak Community

Your Old Oak Annual Review 

Your Old Oak Annual Review