Kitchen Social: Children's Centre Half Term Success


This February half the term we had another #teamworkisthedreamwork surplus food win with Old Oak Community Centre running their second successful Kitchen Social cooking club. With 25 families in attendance - using donated surplus food and support from Bubble & Squeak.

The cooking session is generously supported by the Mayor For London Kitchen Social scheme. Their funding has enabled the Children’s Centre to buy valuable resources such as bowls, plates, cups, cutlery, serving spoons and baby beakers. Helping to kick started the project.

During the session children made tasty pitta pizzas. Children did lots of cutting and tasting, choosing what they wanted to put on their flat bread pizzas and all sat at a table to enjoy the meal.

They also took part in a crafty foodie activity cutting out fruit and vegetable pictures to put on their paper plates - talking about they likes and dislikes. All linked to the early years foundation stage framework.

The session got great feedback from parents, with one saying it is “helping my child to eat better and to sit socially with others” and we should “do more of them!”.

We also want to open this project up as a space for corporate volunteering to get involved with - so watch this space!

As always with thanks to our surplus food partners City Harvest and the Felix Project for making this happen.

The Children’s Centre next Kitchen Social will be taking place in Easter half term and open to all Hammersmith & Fulham parents / carers and their children under 7 years. Visit Old Oak Centre website for more info.