Pitching Pros At The Lilla Huset Professional Centre

Before we broke up for summer, the Bubble & Squeak crew were invited down by Keith from The Lilla Huset Professional Centre to pitch their surplus food social enterprise to his team.  

This is not the first time the children have been involved with public speaking, having won funds at Mayor For London's City Pitch 2017. 

Elly prepped the powerpoint slides, and the children rehearsed their lines all week with Lydia.  We then jumped on the school bus to go to Lilla Huset's office in Hammersmith (thanks Bill for the lift!).  The children then confidently gave an impressive public speaking performance - pitching for support from Lilla Huset to help us grow.  

Many thanks to Keith for organising us to come down.  We look forward to developing further links with your organisation!

Pitching at The Lilla Huset Professional Centre July 2018.jpg