Take a peak inside our London Fields #ZEROWASTE Pop Up

Well what a busy couple of weeks it has been!  If you haven't heard, Bubble & Squeak found out in mid may they had won a competition to have a free pop up shop for a month in June in the ever so trendy East London. Located in the beautiful SHOP EAT PLAY space called Fount London

Our winning concept was a #zerowaste lifestyle store.   If your not familiar with the term #zerowaste we promise it is not as scary as it sounds! 

#Zerowaste is the philosophy that we can all dramatically reduce the amount of rubbish we create on a daily basis and to live in a society where resources are valued and nothing is wasted.  

Not wasting is one of our core messages as to why our #foodwastewarrior children run their surplus food stall in the Old Oak Primary School Playground on a weekly basis.   Another core message is our Bubble & Squeak kids all have an amazing entrepreneurial spirit to use for good. 

So with this in mind our amazing children got busy making wonky fruit and veg art which we have turned into prints, greeting cards and cushion covers!  We have some great surplus food brands for you to try such as Rubies In the Rubble and Snact.  As well as some lovely children books all with an environment message and more.  

We are looking forward to the school term starting again so we can arrange a trip for our West London based Bubble & Squeak kids to come check out their creations.  

Additionally we are busy confirming a few surplus food inspired events as well to run at the shop over the month - so watch this space. 

Do come and say hi and support our entrepreneurial venture if your in the area. The shop is ran on volunteer time and all profits go back into our grass root work of collecting surplus food waste. 

Check out the pictures below and do spread the word! 

Find us near London Fields at Fount London, Arches 358-360, Westgate Street, London E8 3RN from the 1st June to the 2nd July.  Tuesday – Friday 10.00 – 6.00, Sat / Sun 10.00 – 5.00. 

Bubble & Squeak