OpenCell London Design Festival: Exploring Science with Bubble & Squeak

Back in October, we were invited by OpenCell to exhibit our Bubble & Squeak project as part of their BioDesign: HereNow London Design Festival.

OpenCell is a really innovative biology meet design meet technology space in Shepherds Bush Market, built using shipping containers (the best type of containers for startup spaces we think!). They are home to lots of really brilliant start-up companies doing amazing things with biotech. Such as Chip(s) Board, the eco-friendly alternative to chipboard and MDF made using potato waste.

We had been down to the area a few times to visit our friends at Shepherds Bush / Market & Old Laundry Yard, as well as take part in the wonderful Studio Hache’s art workshops.

The biggest question for us when doing our pop up exhibition for OpenCell was ‘what is BioDesign?’ and secondly ‘how does Bubble & Squeak fit into it?’.

We like to see ourselves as innovators with our own startup kid’s run surplus food social enterprise. So we decided to exhibit our Bubble & Squeak story so far in our pop up container space for the week. It was amazing to pull all our work together and showcase the children’s amazing achievements since we started in February 2017.

Secondly, we wanted to use this opportunity to use the language of food to engage our children with bio-design and all things science. So we reached out and pulled together two science workshops, which (to put it mildly) went down an absolute storm with the children.

Science Workshop One: Gene Biscuits with Hasmita Chavda

Hasmita Chavda is a Business Councillor working for Business Launchpad and using her science background hosts science workshops on the side. We invited her to our After School Club in Old Oak to run a Gene Biscuits workshop. The children 'spliced genes' cream from biscuits and placed into another to create a new biscuit with a different flavour or characteristics. We learnt about what is DNA, how to splice a gene and recreated our own ‘lab’ conditions using trail and error methodology. The children by recreating this process also learnt sometimes things go wrong, you get better at splicing biscuits the more you practise it and we really like the flavour combos of a Jammie Dodger mixed with custard creams (amongst other biscuit combos.)

Science Workshop Two: Family Day with Mikkaila Mckeever-Willis

Mikkalia is an ex-chef turned teacher turned Chemistry PhD student at Imperial College. On the Family Day at OpenCell, we came down with the Bubble & Squeakers to get involved with her natural household product cleaning workshop using fruit and vegetables and a secret message writing challenge.

Also on the day the children got creative with plastic with @studio.hache and did our very own treasure hunt with @ashleyscarborough.

Thank you so much to OpenCell for the opportunity and to our scientists to bringing so much fun and learning for the children. We had a lot of fun doing this and would love more opportunities to bring the world of science + food together at Bubble & Squeak.

Come to our next Brilliant Big Feast on Sunday 2 December run by the amazing FoodCycle East Acton with special help from our Bubble & Squeak mini volunteers.  We had a great time at our last one with lots of local families coming to enjoy a delicious 3 free course meal using surplus food. This one will have a festive theme and family friendly activities. 

Remember Food Cycle East Acton also run their free community meal open to all every week at the Centre too. 

Brilliant Big Feast Sunday 2 December.png

5 Star Review For Bubble & Squeak


This week we we were delighted to get a 5 star food hygiene rating from Hammersmith & Fulham council, who came and inspected our shipping container. We take a lot of behind the scene care in the setting up and running of the stall and we are super proud to get this result. Its lovely to get recognition that at the heart of what we do, which is redistributing fresh and healthy surplus food to local families of Old Oak Primary School is done well and is established not only amongst our families but with the council as well. Also well done to FoodCycle East Acton for their 5 star result. As you may know, back in July we provided an innovative solution to the group by providing storage in our shipping container for their bits and pieces. They run a free 3 course community meal at Old Oak Community Centre every Sunday at 2pm using surplus food that would have gone to waste.

Bubble & Squeak Showcase @ BioDesign: HereNow London Design Festival

Exhibitions open to public19. - 23. SeptemberWednesday - Thursday 12 - 8.30 pmFriday - Sunday 12 - 11pm.png

Launching this Wednesday 19 September, Bubble & Squeak will be popping up at OpenCell: Biodesign Here Now at Old Laundry Yard inside Shepherds Bush Market for the week.

Invited by the innovative Open Cell, who are hosting a line of exhibitions, performance, workshops and talks by international artists and designers as part of London Design Festival 2018. Projects exhibited breaks the boundaries between biology, design and technology.

We are super excited to be part of such an amazing showcase of talent and to promote Bubble & Squeak further in the wider community, opening our networks and scope of possibilities into the world of Bio design!

Exhibitions open to the public: 19 - 23 September
Wed - Thurs 12 - 8.30 pm / Friday - Sunday 12 - 11pm
Family Day Sunday 23 Sept (Bubble & Squeak will be hosting a an exciting science workshop for kids - time to be announced soon!)

To get your free ticket visit:

Pitching Pros At The Lilla Huset Professional Centre

Before we broke up for summer, the Bubble & Squeak crew were invited down by Keith from The Lilla Huset Professional Centre to pitch their surplus food social enterprise to his team.  

This is not the first time the children have been involved with public speaking, having won funds at Mayor For London's City Pitch 2017. 

Elly prepped the powerpoint slides, and the children rehearsed their lines all week with Lydia.  We then jumped on the school bus to go to Lilla Huset's office in Hammersmith (thanks Bill for the lift!).  The children then confidently gave an impressive public speaking performance - pitching for support from Lilla Huset to help us grow.  

Many thanks to Keith for organising us to come down.  We look forward to developing further links with your organisation!

Pitching at The Lilla Huset Professional Centre July 2018.jpg

BINGO TAKEOVER: Marks & Spencer Making Every Moment Special Campaign


On Wednesday 20th June Bubble & Squeak had a rather special intergenerational bingo event take place at Old Oak Primary School.  

Using the connecting platform Neighbourly Bubble & Squeak partnered up with their nearest Marks and Spencer store in White City, who came to help out at our last intergenerational bingo event of the school year! 

Between 18th - 22nd June, staff from every M&S store in the UK had the opportunity to volunteer for a project that will create a lasting benefit to a local charity or community organisation. A huge range of events was planned, from revamping community centres to hosting tea parties for service users, to visual merchandising of charity shops. 

We were lucky to be chosen by the White City Team who sent down ten volunteers to help out at the event. Everyone was amazing at pitching in to help out at the event, doing a lot of carrying, cutting, cleaning, serving and all-around amazing teamwork! 

The concept followed the same set up as our last event with the children working together with an older person to win a bingo prize.  This time we had the generous prize donations from Marks & Spener team and anticipation was high! 

Thank you City Harvest for the amazing donation of surplus cakes.  We had some amazing feedback from the older people who came to the event, from the prizes to the staff to the refreshments.  A HUGE thank you again to Marks & Spencer White City store.  










We are delighted to announce the amazing surplus food charity FoodCycle are coming to East Acton and Bubble & Squeak are helping them to do it. 

What is FoodCycle?

FoodCycle serves meals across the country to anybody in the local community by using surplus food cooked in spare kitchen space.  

The weekly sessions provide a space for the community to come together, serving nutritious meals and are led by a strong network of local volunteers.  Combating loneliness, food poverty and putting food that otherwise would have gone to waste to a better use.  

How are Bubble & Squeak helping? 


Old Oak Community Centre are going to be their next London hub and first (woo!) West London outpost.  

Bubble & Squeak co-founder Elly has been working in close collaboration with Old Oak Centre, FoodCycle and Old Oak Primary School to set the session up.      

We are also supporting FoodCycle East Acton by providing an innovative storage solution in the form of our crowd-funded shipping container! 

The partnership is a great opportunity to pool resources between Old Oak Centre, Old Oak Primary School and FoodCycle. 

At Bubble & Squeak we love a collaborative approach to overcoming obstacles to make good things happen in our local community - powered (as always) by surplus food. 

How Can You Help?

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 15.39.40.png

With their first session starting on the 15th July (with the meal kicking off at 2pm) there are 3 ways you can help: 

1) Please SPREAD THE WORD.  Why not show your support and pop in on a Sunday and extend the invite to someone you know locally who might like to come along? 

2) Give their social media a follow and help generate a buzz:  you can find East Acton's FoodCycle social media accounts here: TWITTER / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

3) Check out their volunteering page.  They are always on the look for new volunteers and sign up is really straightforward. 

Oh and did we mention this session is happening EVERY SINGLE WEEK!?  Even during the school holidays? We are very excited for this to happening and hope to see you there!

Bubble & Squeak 

Move To The Shipping Container

Well! What a busy couple of months at Bubble & Squeak HQ it has been with our move to our shipping container space at Old Oak Primary School.  

It has been brilliant to get settled in and have proper storage to run our Monday surplus food stall from.  As always the children still set up the stall and sell the surplus produce from their pop up food stalls.  

The container was funded out of our successful crowdfunding campaign we held last year and we were lucky enough to be put in touch with a local resident who had a second-hand container we could take for free! Fitting in perfectly with our environmental ethos it was great to put back into use the unit. 

Bill the site manager of the school was fundamental in managing the project.  Organising the removal from Acton to Old Oak Primary School, working out if it would fit into a very narrow space (with quite literally inches to spare), organising contractors to install the gates and hooking us up to the electrics.  THANK YOU BILL! 

For our banner to go on the shipping container, we worked with local artist and Old Oak friend Jo to run a series of workshops with children in Old Oak Primary.  Each child designed their own Bubble & Squeak hand, with their usual flare for creative phrasing.  

So far the move from the playground to the side of the school has gone well and we have noticed more parents coming round as the weeks go on.  We look forward to developing the space further and have some exciting news coming soon for a new partnership opportunity coming to Old Oak, making further good use of your crowdfunding pledges.  

 The container from the side squeezed into its new home at Old Oak Primary School! 

The container from the side squeezed into its new home at Old Oak Primary School! 

 The stall with lots of surplus fruit and vegetables for parents next to the shipping container 

The stall with lots of surplus fruit and vegetables for parents next to the shipping container 

 Bubble & Squeak volunteer distributing surplus bread (collected by local parent from a bakery) 

Bubble & Squeak volunteer distributing surplus bread (collected by local parent from a bakery) 

 Inside the shipping container 

Inside the shipping container 

 Checking out the produce before the stall on a Monday afternoon 

Checking out the produce before the stall on a Monday afternoon 

The finished banner before going up on the side of the shipping container


Intergenerational Bingo.png

We are very excited to have our next intergenerational bingo event lined up, taking place this Wednesday 20 June 2018.  

For this one we have teamed up with Marks & Spencer for their ‘Making Every Moment Special’ campaign.  For a week in June M&S will be donating volunteer time and skills to causes in each of their local communities.  We will have Marks & Spencer volunteers from the White City store who have generously signed up their time to help out on the day! 

Local grandparents and non grandparents alike local to Old Oak are warmly invited to come along and play bingo with the help of your grandchild or an Old Oak Primary School child.  To book your place please ring Lydia on 020 8743 7629 at Old Oak Primary School.  

With bingo prizes, surplus food refreshments (generously donated by our surplus food partners) and lots of Bubble & Squeak helpers hosting on the day we can't wait! 

Cooking With Wild Child Kitchen

On the last day of the school holidays, Bubble & Squeak were delighted to host the amazing Wild Child Kitchen at Old Oak Centre's Holiday Club! Wild Child Kitchen are London's new healthful food service for children and mission is to inspire the next generation of little foodies with a menu of colourful dishes influenced by cuisines from around the world.

Natasha and Lu cooked with 24 little foodies cooked up delicious Apple & Plum Crumbles free from refined sugars (but just as delicious).  The children had a fantastic time and they loved making and eating their crumbles. 

Wild Child Kitchen reached out to us after our mention in February in Time Out.  They loved we are addressing food waste and encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the school community.  

Here at Bubble & Squeak, we think it is so fantastic such inspiring businesses want to take the time be part of what we are doing and believe in our mission of being the change we want to see in the world!  It is equally great that Bubble & Squeak can be a platform to connect our community with such great organisations and businesses.  

A Big Thank You To The Wild Child Kitchen Team! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 14.16.21.png

Bubble & Squeak make Old Oak Primary School's Ofsted Inspection

Bubble & Squeak were mentioned in Old Oak Primary School's recent successful Ofsted inspection.  We think it's wonderful to be recognised as contributing to the schools 'good' inspection outcome.  They said: 

"Pupils who have roles in the school's 'Bubble and Squeak' food waste project are impressive and mature ambassadors for the school.  They are making a difference to their world through their actions". 

You can read the full report here: Ofsted Inspection 

Bubble & Squeak BINGO TAKE OVER! A big success powered by surplus food

On Tuesday we hosted our Bubble & Squeak BINGO TAKE OVER at Old Oak Primary School. 

We had over 50 older and younger people get together from the local community for our intergenerational event. 

Grandparents and non-grandparents alike were partnered up with their younger helper. The aim of the game was to skill share and most importantly have fun! 

Hosted by our Bingo compere Fleur (dressed in suitably sparkly attire), the children in their own bingo fancy dress jumped into action when their corresponding number was called out, adding an extra level of excitement to the game. The 'two fat ladies' were a particular hit with the crowd. 

We had prizes too! With both children and adult prize tables of lovely goodies. 

In the interval, guests were entertained by the creative Dance West Final Performance inspired by the superhero movie Black Panther. 

The tables were decorated with beautiful flowers donated by the Felix Project. With food refreshments of cake, biscuits and tea donated by City Harvest and the Felix Project. 

Site Manager Bill went out of his way to pick up and drop off in the school minibus a group of local older people from John Betts Housing to come along. 

Guests on their way out picked up their shopping at our 'pay as you feel' surplus food stall manned by our food waste warrior volunteers. 

A big thank you to everybody who came along, to all the staff at Old Oak Primary for making the event such a success, to City Harvest and the Felix Project for such wonder donations of surplus goods, to Jean from Friendship club for her very kind Bingo machine loan and to Lydia for upping those Bingo standards. 

Lastly to the Bubble & Squeakers at Old Oak Primary School who did such a fantastic job. 

We look forward to the next one!


Another month, another competition for Bubble & Squeak. 

This time we are successfully through to the finals of the 2018 #FoodWasteAwards hosted by Food Win.  Food Win are a Dutch based organisation who run the  'Food Waste Innovation Network', reducing food waste through inspiring and supporting citizens, entrepreneurs, governments and food companies in their battle against food waste. 

It's fantastic to be nominated in the 'change makers international' category and we would be ever so appreciative if you could spare a minute to vote for us by following this link.

The page will be in Dutch (naturally!) and to vote you have to select an organisation from each category.  Just make sure to click us when you get to the international change makers section, leave your email address, answer the security question and click submit.  Easy! 

Online voting begins Monday 5th of March and runs until Friday 16th of March.

Winter Blog: Enterprise Christmas, Surplus Feast and new year beginnings

happy new year BS .jpg

Hello Food Waste Warriors 


Our mini #foodwastewarrior have been having a lot of fun and entrepreneurial food waste fighting activity this winter.  From creating their own wonky fruit and veg Christmas Cards to selling their wonky chutneys in Markets throughout London to hosting their own surplus dinner for the local community, they have been busy! 


 Popping up at Shepherds Bush Market with our artwork, cushion covers and Christmas cards featuring wonky fruit and veg

Popping up at Shepherds Bush Market with our artwork, cushion covers and Christmas cards featuring wonky fruit and veg

 The Bubble & Squeakers at the Dutch Bank head offices in East London at their  #dbmadeforgood  market in December selling their Christmas Cards and Chutneys.  Please note the spotty Damien Hirst behind them!   

The Bubble & Squeakers at the Dutch Bank head offices in East London at their #dbmadeforgood market in December selling their Christmas Cards and Chutneys.  Please note the spotty Damien Hirst behind them!   

 Bubble & Squeak at City Hall's Staff Christmas Carol Event 

Bubble & Squeak at City Hall's Staff Christmas Carol Event 

This December Bubble & Squeak popped up at Shepherds Bush Market, City Hall, Aviva Bank Christmas Fair and Deutche Bank Social Market with their wonky christmas cards, artwork and Christmas Chutneys!  

With thanks to Hatch Entprise for connecting us to the Deutch Bank 'Made For Good' Christmas market.  

We also sold our chutneys at local community events over the festive period and in the school playground.  It was a great experience to get out an about with our mini entreprenuers. Every one of them were fantastic at presenting their project and selling their wares with confidence. 

It also presented a great opportunity for the children to experience different environments outside of East Acton and speak to different people and organisations about what they do.  


After School Club hosted their annual Christmas Dinner in December cooking it this year with lots of delicious surplus food! 

The delicious 3 course dinner was eaten by Old Oak Primary School teachers, Old Oak Centre Staff parents as well as the older members of our community.  The children helped to prepare, serve and of course provide an excellent customer experience to all those attending.  

We also had on hand our Christmas Chutneys and Christmas Cards availble to buy.  The kale soup in particular was a big success.  A big thanks to Plan Z Heroes and City Harvest as always for providing the extra food for the event.   




In December we invited the good people at Good Gym Ealing to help us deliver publicity to local residents to promote the sales of our wonky fruit and veg Christmas cards. 

The volunteer ran organisation is a community of runners that combines getting fit with doing good.

The guys came to Old Oak Communtiy Centre in the evening and speedily posted our promotional publicity through local houses in the Old Oak area.  

We look forward to working with this amazing organisation again, it was great to have them down. 

You can read the full report here. 



Many of you kindly took the time to vote for us in the AVIVA Community Fund 2017. 

Sadly we were unsuccessful in getting through to the next round as we did not have enough vote (we hit 2074 in total).  It was an interesting experience.  While we think any business providing opportunities for funding like this is a great thing to do, it was a very time-consuming process for us to get people to vote.  Sadly we simply did not have enough workforce or the time to reach out to everybody for us to be in with a chance.  

But THANK YOU if you did vote, we really appreciate it! Being such a small set up and with competition so high for grant funding in the current climate we are always on the lookout for unique ways to secure Bubble & Squeak's future, and will continue to do so!  

Welcome to our autumn roundup...


Vote for us in the Aviva Community Fund and help us win £10,000!

Your vote could help us fund 12 'As Young As You Feel' intergenerational monthly meetups in 2018.  Bringing together the younger and older people in our community in East Acton. 

The monthly events will be planned and hosted by children and catered for by us, using delicious surplus food that otherwise would have gone to waste!  

Head over to our project page to read the full proposal and watch our video (also above).     

We held our first event, a Grandparents' Tea Party this October (more about that below) and it was a great success.   

Its super simple to place your votes too. All you have to do is head to the Aviva page, register and start voting.  

You have ten free votes to play with and the projects with the most votes go through to the final Judges round, who will then decide who to award the money to.   

You have until the  24 October to the 21 November to get your votes in.  

The Aviva Community Fund (having over 6,000 projects on it) apparently have been getting 20,000 hits a minute causing mega crashes for those trying to vote. 

So if you've tried with no luck please keep trying - we really appreciate it.

And remember please share our project page and get your friends, family and work colleagues to vote too! 

Grandparents Tea Party


On the 5th October, we held our very first intergenerational meet up! Hosted by the children, they invited their grandparents (and non-grandparents) to come along to a 'surplus food' tea party. The food was provided by us (thanks to our fantastic food partners City Harvest and Plan Z Heroes). We served tea, delicious cakes, pastries and cucumber sandwiches.  

The brilliant Maternity Champions from Old Oak Centre came and helped out at the event, as well as Old Oak Primary's TA's.  

It was our first event with over 70 older and younger people in attendance.  With your help, we hope to put on much more next year! You can help us turn food waste into food magic, please vote for our Aviva Community Fund project.  

Remember it is entirely FREE to vote! 

Bubble & Squeak at QPR


On Friday 29 September if you happened to be in attendance at the QPR v. Fulham game you may have seen a few familiar Bubble & Squeak faces on the pitch!

The children were invited by QPR to receive certificates of achievement for their community contribution for Bubble & Squeak before the match.  

It's great that QPR wanted to celebrate the children's successes this way and as you can see by the photos what a fantastic experience it was for the children.  Thanks QPR! 

In the press ...

This September the brilliant Wildlife Watch featured us in their magazine.  The publication (aimed at children) has an annual readership of 150,000.

Great to see our message spread so far and hopefully inspire #foodwastewarriors throughout the country. 


Black Ballad Online

To celebrate World Food Day co-founder Lydia was featured in the online magazine Black Ballad, for their 'Meet Three Black Women Tackling The Food Poverty Crisis In The UK'.

Bubble and Squeak BB.jpg

Crowdfunder Online

Some more Crowdfunder love! We are delighted to be listed in Crowdfunder Online's article 'Our community is tackling and improving sustainability throughout the UK'.  Nestled amongst some of the most prominent UK names in the surplus food game, its great to see our idea making an impact in the crowdfunding world.  

Crowdfunder also asked Elly to take part in a Q&A webinar about our experience with match funding.  You can watch the session on youtube. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 18.16.31.png

#SurplusSquad Strikes Again!  


Each week during term time we are diverting on average 40 kg of produce that otherwise would have gone to waste.  The children (assisted by Elly) are excellent now at setting up the tables, carrying the veg together and doing some lovely merchandising with the produce. We tried colour coding last week - very nice!  

Each week we also play a game of 'guess the name of the fruit and vegetable'.  We go down the stall, pick up a piece of fruit or vegetable and have a go at naming it.  

We always come across new things we haven't seen before or know what its called. 

Shipping Container Update


If you are local to East Acton, you may have noticed that our shipping container has been delivered.  We were fortunate to obtain a local second-hand shipping container via a contact in Acton.  This embraces our philosophy of keeping it local and putting perfectly good things to use.  

We checked out the unit, it was structurally sound, and its dimensions fitted the space at the side of the school.  The fantastic Bill (site manager at Old Oak Primary School) organised the delivery over the summer (with inches to spare), organised the electrics and fitted new gates.  So the unit has access to the public and a fence that makes it separate from the school.  

Our final hurdle is to sort out flooring, shelving and to decorate it with a suitable Bubble & Squeak design!  We are keen to continue with our 'waste not want not' philosophy.  

So get in touch if you think you can help us! Maybe you have some shelving that's no longer needed? Or have an idea what could make it look great?  We want this to serve a purpose of storing the surplus food but also be an inspiring place to be in! 

Until next time #foodwastewarriors ...

Oh and remember to VOTE for us!

What does a Hackney pop up, a foraging tour and City Hall all have in common?

The answer is .... BUBBLE & SQUEAK! Naturally ... 

From pitching at London City Hall to launching our wonky fruit/veg artwork.  Bubble & Squeak have had a busy summer.

Pitching to success at London City Hall


In our last newsletter, we told you of our excitement at Old Oak Primary School being selected to take part in City Pitch.  Making it through from 72 school projects to the final six to be invited to City Hall.  Here they pitched their Bubble & Squeak surplus food idea to a dragons den style panel of industry experts!

City Pitch is a great Mayor of London initiative which empowers young Londoners to step up as leaders and make a difference in their community.

The experience provides pupils with the opportunity to plan and launch a social action project, whilst helping them to develop their leadership, project management, and communication skills.

So on the 28th of June the #FoodForAll team aka Bubble & Squeak aka #foodwastewarriors set off to City Hall (in their branded Bubble & Squeak tshirts of course) to pitch in front of key industry specialists.  

After their confident  #foodwastewarrior pitch the panel awarded them £1500.  Well done to everyone involved.

Old Oak Primary Visit City Harvest


Before the break up of summer term Old Oak Primary School took a trip to City Harvest at their warehouse in Acton. 

City Harvest helps put surplus food to good use in a sustainable way, by distributing to organisations that feed the hungry.  Bubble & Squeak have been fortunate to have City Harvest provide regular deliveries of nutritious produce for our surplus food stall and to help with our food waste education.   

We met with Paula who had a chat with the children about how City Harvest works, with our #foodwastewarriors doing an impromptu pitch of the Bubble & Squeak project to the team.  We also helped out unloading one of their vans with surplus food and other items. 

The children had a great time and a particularly enjoyed wearing the high-vis City Harvest vest.  Thank you to Paula and team for having us down.

Kid Led Foraging Tour with Tiny Leaf and QPR Community Trust

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Over the summer the children hosted a foraging tour of Wormwood Scrubs to showcase their urban foraging skills.  They had been learning all about edible fruits near to them that are safe to pick, eat and cook with.  

We were joined by Alice from Tiny Leaf (London’s first and only organic, zero waste, vegetarian restaurant) and Alan from QPR Community Trust who were given a hand-drawn map and allocated their own team of Bubble & Squeak foraging helpers! 

The Old Oak Summer Club’s children then took them on a guided tour along with a few other (Bubble & Squeak adult foraging enthusiasts).  Armed with their foraging map also containing very important foraging rules.  We visited 4 foraging fruit hotspots on the scrubs near to Old Oak Community Centre and got a great haul.

Hackney Wonky Fruit and Veg Art Shop Pop UP!


Since the beginning of Bubble & Squeak, the children have not only been distributing, cooking and eating the healthy surplus food but DRAWING it. Their works of foodie art have usually been created during After School Club's Let's Create sessions.   

We have always been massively impressed by the quality of their art work.  So when we saw a competition to have a free pop up shop for a month in June at trendy Fount London in Hackney we applied with our wonky fruit and veg #zerowaste concept.... and yes you guessed it ... we only went and won it!  

Ensue a hectic couple of weeks transforming the children's fruit and vegetable artwork into cool repeating prints and the like.  We then turned them into A3 prints, greeting cards, cushion covers and more.  We sold them alongside surplus fruit brands such as Snact (who even ran a fab workshop us)  Fruit MagpieDash Water and Spare Fruit

The store was manned by volunteers including Old Oak Primary School Teacher Vicky on her days off (thanks Vicky!).  We had a great month selling our wares and chatting to lots of different people about Bubble & Squeak, who just loved the artwork and the entrepreneurial spirit of the children. It was a great opportunity to test trade our idea too.  

We think the pop up more than achieved its goal of showcasing the creative skills of a brilliant group of children inspired by food that would have otherwise gone to landfill.  Not only that it is really exciting for us to dream big and seek entrepreneurial avenues that can support our social enterprise to be as self-sustainable as possible. 

We are busy working on the next collection with some exciting things in the pipeline.  We will keep you posted where we will be popping up next with our #wonkyiswonderful artwork.  Oh and check out our online shop where you can still purchase some of the collection! 

IMG_0471 3.JPG

SO until next time

We promise we won't leave it so long until the next newsletter!  Join us very soon for the next installment including those important Crowdfunding Updates (hello shipping container) a thunderclap request for our next fundraising adventure and details of the next Bubble & Squeak community event.  

Bubble & Squeak